Monday, 31 August 2020

Our guide to integrating Alexa in Home Assistant

Give your home a personality and have some fun too!!!

It's all very well having your home automated but, what if you're not near a control panel or your phone is over there!!! That's when you need voice control...

Being able to tell your home what you want AND have it talk back to you was a dream some years ago. Now you can DIY it yourself - for the cost of a 'Smart' Speaker

This series of tutorials will show you how to get voice control and feedback using more open-source software and plug-ins. There's no complicated setups, no extra sign-ups or subscriptions...

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First: Getting Alexa and Home Assistant connected

There are many ways to integrate Amazon Alexa in to Home Assistant, this by far the easiest and quickest...

Next: Controlling your Home Assistant Devices

While all devices are 'discovered' as lights, we show you how much you can do using the power of Node-Red.

Now the fun part: - Advanced TTS (Text to Speech)

Of course there's standard TTS - blocks of text that are the same every time. How about automating random made phrases, given you HUNDREDS of variations.

Taking it even further: The power of TTS in Node-Red

Scripts and Home Assistant are fun but if you want more sophisticated speech, Node-Red gives you a re few more features.

More than one Alexa ?

In a another room and want to hear what the temperature is or need to have TTS follow you around the house? Let her know where you are!

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