Friday 14 February 2014

Physics and Stuff

For the last few days we've been playing with the Physics engine 'Bullet', Inside Lightwave... With mixed results.
One of our client's clients videos requires a stack of Tins getting smashed by a vehicle. The brief is to film a real van driving passed a clients business and add the 'Tin Stack' in 'Post' using Lightwave.

While waiting for some nice weather to shoot the video portion we've been running simulations of the 'Tin Stack' and having some problems. Chief of which is getting the Tins to sit still before the collision event.

Currently the only way to do this is having the stack "Start Sleeping" (Anyone using LW will know what this means) The second problem is having the stack collapse correctly and realistically...

This involves: LOTS of Tweaking settings, Various test setups, Running 'Sims' and Coffee!!!

So, Keep an eye on our YouTube channel for Tests, Fails and (Hopefully) Sucess test renders over the next few days... And of course, Keep reading the Blog for updates and insights to "Studio Live" at

- DM

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