Friday 5 February 2016

New Tutorial: Lightwave to Motionbuilder and Back again with Multiply Characters

I've been meaning to make an update to my other Tutorial "Lightwave to MotionBuilder and Back again" - for some time but, work got in the way LOL
Since that tut, I've worked out an easier way of getting the job done. Plus how you can use more than one character
 - Great for having two characters interacting... or a whole bunch of them!

Lightwave to MotionBuilder and Back Again. The Squeal - Multiple Characters 

In this new tutorial I show you the steps needed to take more than one character from Lightwave in to MotionBuilder, add some Motion Capture data and bring them both back to Lightwave at the same time!.


Please share this and my other Tutorials.... everywhere :)

... and as always - Thanks for reading.

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