Sunday, 30 August 2020

Home Assistant & ESPHome Humidifier convert Demo

Here's a brief demo of my latest endeavour - Making a standard Humidifier 'Smart'

Using just a D1 mini programmed with ESPHome (through Home Assistant) I brought all the controls back to Home Assistant, including the Water Level Sens,r. plus, control of the LED/Night-Light.  

Internally I've stepped down the devices' in coming 24VDC supply to 5V, for the D1 mini. Then used the GPIOs to command the Humidifiers own CPU.
At this point the original rotary switch is disconnected. However, in the next update / phase of this project I will add that back in - as well as some indicator lighting.
There is also plans to change the on-board Light for something a li'more... well, RGB!!!  

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