Tuesday, 16 February 2021

Home Assistant Node-Red: Streamline Switch and Light Flows

Using Alexa and Node-Red together you can do some powerful things. However, if you control many switches and lights, things can quickly get 'busy' and cluttered.

With an Alexa node flowing in to a 'Switch' node that then links to a 'Call Service' node of On and another for Off, that's a four node string just to control a simple device.
With a payload that already contains 'On' & 'Off', and with the use of variables, it's easy to drop this number to just two nodes... However, things get a little more complicated for Lights - That need, at least, three nodes.

In this video tutorial, I'll show how to use variables and how you can use the same nodes over and over to massively streamline your Alexa Flows. A technique that can be applied to many aspects of Node-Red.

Part of an hilarious named playlist for quick and to-the-point tutorials.
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