Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Current Projects and more vlog news

Been testing... (ok, having fun with...) one of the new mics that arrived to today. The Rode Smart-Lav which will be use for "Vloggy" cam on my android phone also for body pack recording, on set. The search continues to find a mic for the desk ! Decided to give you all a list of the current projects 3Ative is work on at this time. It's not very often there's not a ton of things going on here but, at the moment we seem to be exceptionally busy. Here's an out-line of the projects we are currently working on:

  1. Multiple character animations for website "top of page" banners
    20 to 40 seconds each, these banners show many versions of the clients logo brought to life and going about various tasks - Depending on the "Room" they are in.
  2. Animated GIF's for website Been tasks with supplying "many" animated creatures for a client for another website - Just finished this one, they wanted 20... I gave them 27 :)
  3. Tattoo Video production We filmed a friend getting a Tattoo done and are currently editing that footage. He wanted all the swearing to be edited out with animal noises - having a bit of fun with this one.
  4. On-Going YouTube video editing for a client 3Ative is helping one our clients with various filming and editing problems they are having. This includes, checking footage, small editing and clip fixing and on-line support and training via Skype
  5. Producing Art + intro for YouTube channels Another client wants to set up a music based YouTube channel and we have been asked to do all artwork and intro clips.
  6. New Start-up company art This project is for: A company Logo design, Artwork of Ad boards, Vehicle sign design and soon a full website. We may also be producing an info video and some promo videos for this client
  7. On-going 1-to-1 training and help, via Skype (Multiple clients) Every project and work we do, we are always 'there' for follow ups and continuing on-line support... Our Preferred channels are Skype and Facebook - As well as telephone and email.
- As well as making tutorials and other on-going personal projects !
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And as always - Thanks for reading!

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