Tuesday, 24 November 2015

GoPro, NoPro and Fakes

Not all filming done is indoors or in nice weather - In fact some places to be captured you wouldn't want to take a camera too.

For this there is are GoPro cameras - I won't bore you with the details, If you don't know what one is by now... LOL
We got ours for a specific job involved Hi-Speed shots from a moving car. Turns out the client had all the footage needed so our GoPro never really got used - Other than some tests in the garden pond!

... And so our GoPro "Motor Sports Edition" Camera, Extra display, Wi-Fi kit and remote control went back on eBay.

This week saw the arrival of a return to "Action" Cameras, in the form of the SJCAM SJ4000. Very similar in design to the GoPros, these new camera come with all the same accessories and have the same water-proof-ness.


There are a ton of sellers out there with fake SJ4000 models. These do not record in .MOV format or have the quality of the genuine SJ4000's However, there is an up-side!! They make a great 720p wide angle Webcam and at just £17 - Quite good value!
They also come with all the same accessories as the originals - Which means we have spares!

So, we now have a quality action camera again, an original SJ4000 and another webcam for the upcoming Studio Vlog show.

Moving forward... Slowly.

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and as always, thanks for reading :)